New Blog

28 Dec

Ok, here we go with a new blog. Basically I’m Alex, I’m 20, I work as a manager for a coffee shop in England. I am passionate about the things I do, including coffee, and if I’m dispassionate I don’t see the point in doing it, if there’s no benefit for anyone close to me.

Outside of work I’m (slowly) restoring a classic mini, another of my passions is minis. I also play World of Warcraft on the EU Server Eonar. I watch a lot of News 24 and certain documentaries and then on the flip side of that I love stuff like Family Guy and South Park. I can be quite opinionated and get into a bit of a rant at times. I love to research random facts and have Wikipedia on my searchbar. I am also an advocate of OpenSource software and Linux distributions. However I currently run on Windows Vista as a primary due to my lovely wife not being a fan of it.

Stay tuned and be ready for Rants and typos


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