What the hell..

29 Dec

WGoA is stil on strike and while I support their argument that they should be paid for the replublication of their work in any form it should take, but I feel like they ought to do a bit more to earn their pay packets. Looking at movies in the last few years it seems that there is an ever increasing number of remakes, game-to-movie conversions, book-to-movie or tv-to-movies or the umteenth sequel of something that was successful (or atleast broke somewhere near even) and really isn’t worth the £6 to get into the cinema. But there are occasional gems in with the crap so I give them a chance but for the most part its a lot of disappointment and crap.

I’m starting the think the problem is that the only movies that get picked up by studios are the ones that either have a very easy to permeate market (i.e. Teenage stupid comedies a la American Pie/Eurotrip/Road Trip/Scary Movie) or ones that are relying on a previous success. What happened to movies that wouldn’t wash with everyone but would touch on the fringe people of groups. For gods sakes they just released ANOTHER Highlander Sequel which i think went straight to DVD I didn’t see it in the theatres but bloody hell one sequel was pushing it but 3 is completely beyond the pail. Then we had Harry Potter which while being a reasonable film (even though it did discount a massive amount from the book and has completely lynched them when it comes to the final movie now) was based on a successful book. Then we had The Simpsons Movie which wasn’t that good, it has a few chuckle points but the magic of the simpsons wore off about 8 years ago and the movie, for me, did little to rekindle that. We’ve also had ANOTHER Saw film where the first one was great and it genuinly grabbed me as a great film, and it launched the studio, it didn’t need a sequel it should have been left as a singular film which stood completely on its own merits with nothing left to clean up.

That said we’ve also had some really good films aswell, Children on Men was an emotional and grabbing film which I have not a word to say against I think the camera style was perfect for the movie, the gore isn’t overdone and is well balanced, and the story is solid. That said it is also a book-to-movie movie, although it is one of the better done ones. Same for Stranger than Fiction which seemed to pass under many peoples radar although it was a good film and I think one Will Ferrell’s better films, although goes against all the things I started bitching about besides being an original movie, it is a crowd pleaser.

So I think that maybe the rules aren’t hard and fast but I think the problem is the studios look at the marketability of a script should look at the down and out quality of it and then make the damned movie. Its fucking ART you’re never going to please 100% of people but the people who are remembered as the amazing artists are the people that did that, Dali, Picasso, Monet, All of them took giant risks in what they presented but they are all now remembered and looked at as visionaries and amazing artists. Why don’t we have movies like that any more..

Thats just my opinion though, I could be wrong


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