UKBC 2010 – It begins…

7 Jul

So my thoughts have started turning to next years UKBC, I loved this year, the odd combination of insane nerves mixed with the joy of doing something I love.  Also getting to meet a few people, see a lot of great baristas and chat with people who can share opinions and don’t look at me like I’m completely bonkers.

My attempt in 2009 was as good as I had hoped and better than I had expected.  I managed to make it to the Semi Final and finished 22nd.  I didn’t expect to, but my goal was to just get to the Semi Finals in Glasgow, so when I found out I had made it through I was ecstatic.

I like to think I learnt a lot, I probably learnt more in those tight 3 months than I’ve learnt in the last few years, I came away from it feeling like a more complete barista and realising I wasn’t a complete hack just because I work in a 2nd wave style shop.

For instance I learnt that bag valves can fail and you can end up with un-degassed coffee in foil rugby ball.

Anyway thought processes for this year are underway and I’ve got an angle for my signature drink that I think I want to go with.  I’m looking forward to the experimentations, the atrocious first attempts and the developing drink coming together.

Also looking forward to playing with blends, perfecting my 6oz Latte art and drinks lots of coffee.

More news will be posted when it comes around…


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