On Signature drinks…

17 Oct

As I write this we are almost 4 months off from the UKBC heat and I am still struggling to think of a signature drink that will do my coffee justice. I know I want to use this specific coffee, but the problem that I always come back to is this, we’re judged on the balance of our coffee in all 3 round. That means that your espresso,cappuccino and signature drink should all be balanced.

This throws up a problem as if my espresso and cappucino is balanced then my signature drink feels somwhat unnessary and serves to detract from the coffee. Flavours are normally added to a coffee that isn’t balanced to attain that which is elusive.

I do understand that the intent of the signature drink is to express the quality in the cup but it seems conversive to the rest of the year when we push that coffee should be served unadulterated to let the coffee do the talking.

I’ve been trying to look at existing non coffee recipes which involve the flavours within my coffee but it keeps returning to the same flavours and the same problems.

Maybe I need to try something completely crazy and throw a whole bottle of Tabasco into each cup of something…maybe not though

Sorry about the self serving post just needed a cathartic post just to get this out of head an hopefully make room for a recipe idea…


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