Coffee Outside London

22 Mar

This post follows on from my last post and Steve (HasBean) Leighton’s post regarding the apparent dirth of coffee communities outside of that great ringroad of untold misery and doom (M25).

Say what you may, but the London scene/community is undeniably vibrant and strong. The apparent lack of other scenes may be explained simply by the pure fact of numbers or it may just be that I’m ignorrant of other localised collectives. (If you have a local community the please let me know!)

The strength of the London community may be found in a number of places or a combination of them. The strengths come in the numbers that exist within the community, certain people that the community centers around and the simple fact that there are so many shops (compared to the rest of the country) especially within the transport of London.

But, as Steve finished off the post “get off your backside and make that scene happen”.

A million excuses can be given for why it’s harder but if you’re lacking one and wanting one. Instead of treating other shops as competition and lamenting the lack of a community then it’s time to change your attitude, speak to the baristas at other shops. Most likely they’re feeling the same lack of community and are as eager to find other baristas with the same passion.

I will be making contact with as many baristas in my area as I possibly can and I urge you all to do the same, and try to contact other communities near you. Organise Batista jams and throw downs, chat about differen blends, different roasters, different hand tamps, hell anything just get talking and interacting. It’s good for everyone!

Let’s do it! Get out there…


One Response to “Coffee Outside London”

  1. Steve 24 March, 2010 at 9:49 am #

    NICE thats the way my friend, MK the next destination city for coffee? Why not

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