Congratulations to our Irish Barista Champion 2010

10 Apr

And the winner, of the  Irish Barista Competition 2010 is…Colin Harmon of Third Floor Espresso and (Dublin Barista Blog).

And a huge congratulations to him, and to his roaster Steve Leighton (HasBean).

I’ve only met Colin a couple of times but his passion is unwavering and he is topped to the brim with the typical Irish charm.

And Steve not only roasted for Colin and myself in our respective competitions but also roasted for John Gordon, this years UKBC winner and is immensly modest about his pivitol role in a Baristas competition performance.

Best of luck in London guys, I’ll see you there


One Response to “Congratulations to our Irish Barista Champion 2010”

  1. Stephen Leighton 10 April, 2010 at 8:53 pm #

    Thank you pal thats really kind of you. I’m lucky to work with some great baristas (that includes you by the way)

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