What a difference a point makes…

1 Jul

I know that EVERY blog, twitter and post-it note near anyone in coffee has been centred around and abouts the WBC and other such competitions, so I apologise in advance.

This comes down to the points, and I’m not going to bemoan the system but just point out to those outside the loop the importance of a single point in the Barista competitions. I’d also like to point out that this is NOT to besmirch Mike Philips of his win, due in part to the fact that there was a huge point difference between him and the rest of the competitors.

I’ve been interested in the Barsita competitions for around 3 years now and always found the score sheets something interesting to pour over (no pun intended and I’m aware of how much of a geek that makes me sound). I’ve always been acutely aware of the resounance that a single point makes in a baristas placing.

This year I received a reminder, in John Gordons placing 14th behind joint 12th place Tom Schweiger of Germany and Auren Chacon Leiva of Costa Rica (The two baristas were equal in points, Tom was placed at 12th and Auren 13th to allow for the semi-final rounds, in the event of a draw the standard protocol is the barista scoring the most 6’s/5.5s). The point scores being;

12,Tom Schweiger – 546.0
13,Auren Chacon Leiva – 546.0
14,John Gordon – 545.5

This can be down to anything as miniscule as a water stain on a glass being given to an overly critical judge, or a macro-bubble on a cappuccino.  Basically what I’m trying to say is that the baristas who qualify to the WBC are all astounding baristas and the scrutiny to which they are subjected is astounding.

So yea…I sort of lost the point in over-thinking this post I think, but basically, a gigantic congratulations to all the WBC competitors. If you’re interested in an insight as to the spread of the points within WBCs past then check out the official website which has the point scores for all the previous competitions and the score sheets if you’re as geeky as me and want to look to see how much scrutiny is given.


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