First one is in the bag!

23 Oct

Well that was fun!

On Friday 15th October, I held the very first Coffee Evening at The Courtyard Brasserie in Olney. The first evening was intending to introduce some customers to the wider world of coffee.  I brewed up 4 coffees in 4 brewers and was very impressed with the level of feedback I received.

The coffees were all supplied by HasBean and they were, El Salvador Finca Alaska (Pour Over), Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira (AeroPress), Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (Syphon) and Indonesian Sidikalang (Eva Solo). The feedback from people was great, I think every coffee had people who preferred it, my personal favourite is the Alaska, but they’re all very highly rated coffees in my eyes.

All in all a very positive experience that left me smiling for hours afterwards, even with the few kinks we had in the setup and the few things I forgot.  But those are lessons learned.

We will hold the November coffee evening on Friday the 12th at 7pm (Following the request of many customers to make it later) aiming to conclude by 8.30-9pm, and the evening will focus on brewing cafetiere/french press coffee at home, again 4 coffees will be featured and the attendee’s will be picking December’s coffee of the month. Tickets are £5 a head or a 3 month ticket can be bought for £12. If anyone would like to reserve their spot please pop a comment beneath.

Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended last month and everyone who has shown interest in the specialty coffees we’ve showcased.


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