Coffee Evening 3; Processing Methods

8 Dec

It’s time for another shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaameless plug (in the style of a cheesy TV game show host)

On Friday 17th December I’ll be hosting the 3rd monthly coffee evening at The Courtyard Brasserie in Olney.  The focus will be on processing methods and how they affect the final cup.

I will be presenting El Salvador Finca Mauritania in Natural, Pulped Natural and Washed as well as the Cascara from the same farm, all these coffee have been lovingly roasted by Square Mile Coffee and I’m really looking forward to sharing one of the most interesting variables in coffee post growing.

For me it’s really interesting because certain characteristics that one may associate with coffees of a certain region can be attributed to an affect from the processing rather than the terroir, and using a coffee from the same farm will help to show which elements are fixed and which are more open to influence.

I’m really hoping to share this with a good amount of people and hopefully start some discussions.

Hope to see you there..



The Courtyard Brasserie,
Rose Court (Just off the market square)
MK46 4BY

Doors open at 7pm
Tickets are £5


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