Processing Methods Evening Write up

22 Dec

Those who have been following the blog recently will know I’ve been hosting coffee evenings at the restaurant in which I work for the past few months.

This month we did an evening that I was perhaps most excited but most worried about doing. When I first tasted a triple pack of processing methods (Square Mile’s 2009 El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro) I was struck by just how much influence is had far before a roaster has influence and shows that growing great coffee isn’t just down to terroir and varietal but also the care put in after picking.

It also made me rethink what attributes flavours into a cup and how much is terroir, varietal or process.  This made me question things I thought I knew and pushed me to learn more, as well as help me find a level of preference within these methods.

My trepidation was spurned by my knowledge that I am a geek.  I worried that no-one else cared that or why these changes happen.

This time we presented El Salvador Finca Mauritania. A 100% Bourbon and it’s cascara.

I am very happy to have had my fears entirely alleviated and my faith that the public is ready for great coffee renewed. To have 8 people give up their Friday evening to listen to me talking about coffee and trying these things, and for them to pay to do so proves that there are people are out there, not just in London but in small towns in the middle of no-where also! All we need to do is make it available and people will be drawn to improved quality and people who create their drinks with passion.

I can’t thank the people who came to this months evening enough for their support and I am looking forward to next month’s evening.

Also a thank you to Square Mile for roasting and providing an excellent coffee to carry this example through.


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