2011 – Make a plan…and stick to it!

1 Jan

So another year is upon us.  I’ve decided to write down my goals for 2011 in a hope that I don’t forget them and that I’ll feel some fire under my ass to stop procrastinating.

1) Try as much coffee as possible.

By no means an original idea, nor a new one for me, but I want to continue to expand my palette and my experiences of coffee and everything it can be.

2) Work towards my own operation or work in/with people with a similar goal.

As most people who have met me will know, opening a coffee shop is my ultimate goal.  unfortunately, working as a barista doesn’t raise much financial opportunity toward that goal but there are windows of opportunity, I just have to be willing to grab them and take occasional risks to achieve my dream.  This is no slight on my current employers, who run a bistro, their focus is the food and they have been very progressive and have allowed me certain ways to share great coffee with those who are looking for more than something dark and coffee flavour, namely a speciality monthly coffee and a monthly evening where I get to really geek out.

3) Share great coffee with more people and continue helping to educate consumers about what is possible.

This might sound a little pretentious but if it does it’s more due to my lack of skill with language.  In the process of sharing speciality coffee with people over the last 11 months, I have witnessed palettes become far more honed and people’s perception of coffee changed.  I did my utmost to combine easily digestible information with more in-depth points for those that would be interested.  I feel that the project is an ongoing success and I want to continue sharing these great coffees with people through 2011.

4) Give the UKBC my all.

I am entering the UK Barista Championships (UKBC) again in 2011 and I have no goal other than to do my absolute best. In retrospect I should have perhaps forgone entering in 2010 being as I was working in a new job and still getting to grips there, but this year I am much more settled, and I have a definite goal in mind for the UKBC. Further more I do not (currently) intend to put myself forth in 2012.  More on this later.

5) (Not specifically 2011 but within a longer time frame) Visit a producing farm, and possibly participate in the harvest.

I’m still incredibly nïave as to the actual conditions in which coffee is grown and harvested.  I have read what I can but I still feel that to experience it would be utterly humbling and hopefully lend me an insight into the labour that goes into the beans that I love.

6) Blog more!

I know I’ve slowed down on the blogging train of late, and it’s not due to lack of interest in the blog, nor is to to lack of things to talk about.  Some topics have been some what redundant and others have been put aside for other things but I’ve got a few more topics in my mind and I definitely intend to extrude them at some point, even if it is slightly like play-doh extruding from a clown’s head.

So, those are my goals. I have 364 days and counting to get them done.


4 Responses to “2011 – Make a plan…and stick to it!”

  1. Colin Harmon 1 January, 2011 at 10:51 am #

    Good luck Alex! Happy new year

    • Alex Redgate 1 January, 2011 at 12:43 pm #

      Happy new year to you too pal. Hopefully get to hang out a bit more this year

  2. Glenn 1 January, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    Looking forward to sharing a few coffees with you this year Alex

    The only person that can make things happen is You 🙂

    All the best for 2011 and hitting some of your goals

    • Alex Redgate 1 January, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

      Thanks mate. Look forward to having a few coffees with you too.

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