4 Month and 5 Day Audit (Because quarterlies are so passé)

5 Apr

At the start of the year I set myself a few goals for 2011 and I felt a need to audit myself on them to see how I’m doing and where I’m falling behind.  So without much further ado (I always wanted to say that);


1) Try as much coffee as possible.

Though it’s hard to measure such a goal in real terms I’ve definitely had a good crack at this one, a few favourites for the year for me thus far are Rwanda Musasa, Peruvian Verde Cusco, Bolivia San Ignacio and Ethiopian Ogawa.  I’m looking forward to seeing a few old favourites returning in 2011 to see how they’ve changed aswell.

2) Work towards my own operation or work in/with people with a similar goal.

Currently I’m in the same position I was 3 months ago, however as I’m still presenting the cafetieres and writing tasting note sheets for them aswell as running a monthly coffee evening I feel my goals are becoming more formed, I’m learning a great deal about the palettes of other people and learning how to present things better.  I’m hopeful that these skills will pay off when I take the plunge.

3) Share great coffee with more people and continue helping to educate consumers about what is possible.

(I’m starting to realise my goals have a bit of redundancy in them.)

The combination of the coffee evenings and the monthly cafetiere is helping me attain this and a great deal of the customers are looking to learn more and engage with myself and the coffee.  When a customer nails a descriptor that I haven’t mentioned or nods toward a preference of an origin country I feel immensely proud and impressed.  Due to the positive feed back I’ve received I feel more willing to go for coffees that are a bit more ‘out there’ and I have generally been rewarded.  One thing I’ve learnt in the last few months is not to ever under-estimate your audience.

4) Give the UKBC my all.

I feel I did.   I intend to give  my UKBC 2011 experience a full write up very shortly but in the mean time I would just like to confirm I’m happy with my position and offer my congratulations to John Gordon who’s ingenuity this year left me awe-struck.

5) (Not specifically 2011 but within a longer time frame) Visit a producing farm, and possibly participate in the harvest.

Unfortunately this goal remains purely speculative for the time being but it remains one I aim to achieve.

6) Blog more!


Actually I think I’m going to reassess this goal and retcon it to ‘Blog more productively’.  I’ve got a few blog posts in the draft stages but I don’t feel they are worth submitting for a variety of reasons and I would certainly rather publish content that is productive in some manner, either in generating thought/debate or at the very least expressing myself in a concise and definite way.


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