Personal Blog, Professional Blog…Where is the line?

18 May

Hey folks, so this is a bit of a weird blog post but I hope it will make things a bit more lively around here.

I appologise if this post seems slightly rambling but it’s more a stream of consciousness than an articulate post.

For the past few months I’ve been running coffee evenings at The Courtyard Brasserie, Olney where I work through the week in addition to my usual responsibilities, this has provided a fantastic opportunity to connect with our customers and has a small, but devoted group who regularly attend but it would be nice to widen this circle and induct more people into how good coffee can be. In addition to this I’ve been responsible for a monthly speciality coffee cafetiere’s selection and tasting notes which has built up a fine momentum in the past 15 months.

For the last few weeks and for the foreseeable future, I shall be manning the bar and responsible for the day-to-day operations at Peel&Peel in Northamptonshire on Saturdays and looking to expand from there.

I am not naive to business, nor how important promotion is, however I may have mentioned some of these things in tangentals to blog posts, and done a small amount of promotion for the first evening on here, but I’ve been very conscientious (I hope) in keeping my blog personal rather than an outlet to advertise for my personal gain.

Atleast until now…ish…I currently get a better throughput of traffic than I ever expected my blog to receive and find the temptation to promote myself from this launchpad very alluring.

I am acutely aware that a blog that only posts adverts is not a blog that attracts reader but I wonder, would the occasional mention of up coming events in this vein be appropriate for my blog and would they make you less likely to read it?

I invite your opinions, criticism and suggestions as to how much I should proceed from this point on.



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