The working barista conundrum…

17 Jun

OK, I don’t think this is the first time I’ve touched on this, but, currently it’s very prominent on my mind.

The coffee industry seems to be split into a slight divide of barista folk.  There’s the old school and the new school.  By this i don’t mean the 14g=2oz of espresso vs updosed ristretto pourers.  I am referring to people who dropped other careers to pursue coffee and bring better coffee to their world.  I’m thinking of the boys at Flat White, James at Dose and the team at Monmouth as the examples of this group.  The second group is the one which I fall into. We are young-ish and have worked in coffee for the majority of our working lives, and many of us aspire to open our own coffee projects in various forms and functions.  The problem arises that the start-up of a business like a coffee shop requires a fair bit of fundamentals investment and the majority of coffee jobs are relatively low paying (another post blah blah blah), in addition, you don’t simply open up and make money.  Opening a coffee shop takes a fair while to see profit in most executions for a variety of business and sociological reasons.

So as well as providing the income for a coffee shop, the business starter ought to have enough money to keep ahead of bills at home and in the business for a good few months.

Where is this to come from? Are the coffee professionals who are willing to make long-term loans to encourage the start up of new shops? Should aspiring coffee shop owners pull 80 hour weeks to attain their goal? I don’t know, I’m having a slightly ranty, emo post just for the catharsis of it. If anyone wants to invest a few grand in a coffee shop with no guarantee of return then PLEASE let me know, otherwise…any ideas?


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