Good things must come to an end…

4 Jul

Back in September I broached to the owners of The Courtyard Brasserie (where I work) about doing a monthly coffee evening.  After a resoundingly positive response from the monthly speciality cafetiere project I have pioneered and run I wanted to share more specialised coffee and start discussions about coffee.  This helped me realise a few issues I raised in a blog post last summer about the community lacking outside of London, and Steve Leighton said in a follow post to ‘get off your arse and make one’ which is what I tried to do…

Of the wonderful people who attended these goals were realised. We’ve had some fantastic questions asked and it was very vindicating to have people from outside coffee to be interested in coffee in a very specialised way.  We had people discussing processes, varietals, origins, organics, biodynamics, brewing techniques and a host more topics. It’s been a truly fulfilling experience and so it’s with a heavy heart I have to put them on hiatus.

Though we had a great response from those who came, unfortunately the numbers that did attend made it an endeavour that ran at a loss and so, this coupled with a widening of other commitments and distractions has lead to this decision.  It is not one I took lightly and if I had the finances to do so I would fund it and run it entirely out of my pocket.

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came to the coffee evenings and supported the goals we had.  The idea is not entirely gone and I’m constantly thinking of new ways to share great coffee with people and welcome any suggestions or input.

It won’t be the last coffee event so watch this space…


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