Peel & Peel Independent Coffee

12 Jul

So, I have been quiet of late, with the exception of a few brief posts and it’s because my time has been spread over a few projects and distractions to keep my time away from writing.

The most exciting distraction has been working at Peel & Peel Independent Coffee in Northampton.  Those who follow my twitter (@awlred) will know I visited this shop when it launched last September and got to hang out ith Steve Peel, the eponymous owner.  I was immensely impressed with Steve’s laid back attitude and the niche-cool of the hosting shop Retropolitain. Peel & Peel is a Saturday only pop-up and this set up allows a foot in the door to introduce great coffee to Northampton.

In April I joined the team as a co-conspirator of introducing great coffee to Northampton with the role of managing day to day running of the shop.  We’ve since moved from the fantastic Retropolitain into the brilliantly cool Spiral Archive next door.  Spiral Archive is a great independent record shop that we’re really glad to be working along side and look forward to the future, expanding and meeting the fantastic folks of Northampton and cafeinating them thoroughly.

Techy stuff; we’re running our espresso through a Rancillio 3 group lever machine and serving brewed coffee through a melitta filter, aeropress or cafetiere. If anyone is about Northampton on a Saturday then I’d love to see people coming through the door.

Peel & Peel Independent Coffee Shop
Inside Spiral Archive
24 St Michael’s Road
Saturday; 10.00-16.00

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter

Okay, Shameless self-plug over.  But pop on by ‘kay 😉


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