This is the blog of Alex Redgate, a barista and coffee nut from Milton Keynes working in the surrounding area.

I’m a 3 year UKBC Veteran and look forward to going back in, as it were.


Where to find me…

Peel & Peel Independent Coffee is a venture started by Steve Peel and when the opportunity came to join with him and keep the business growing I bit his hand off!

You can now find me there every Saturday from 10am until 4pm at 24 St Michaels Road in Northampton, Inside Spiral Archive record shop.  Stay tuned to this blog for news about Peel & Peel, as we expand and start to offer new services and products it will be posted here. Our coffee is always interesting and every week something new comes along for the brewed coffee, which more often than not also becomes a guest espresso.

Through the week I work at The Courtyard Brasserie in Olney and here I do a combination of coffee bar work and waiting.  In Olney the coffee is given a bit more of a sedate treatment, this doesn’t mean I’m take it less seriously but I play to the market.  Our espresso blend is a chunky blend with Indonesians and Brazils, but done incredibly well and we offer a brewed coffee in a cafetiere, which changes every month.

When I’m away from the shops I offer a consulting and training service for those who wish to push their coffee to the next level.  I can confidently hand a group training session or one-on-one.  If you wish to talk to be about consultation and/or training then please e-mail me at awlred (at) gmail.com and I’ll arrange something with you.

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