Recommended Reading

A few sites from which I garner inspiration (blatantly rip off)


JimSeven – James Hoffman’s Blog, 2007 WBC Champion, Owner of Square Mile Coffee and walking reference guide

HasBean – Steve Leighton’s Blog, Owner of HasBean Coffee, Roaster Supreme and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met

dublinbarista – Colin Harmon’s Blog, Irish Barista Champion 2009/2010, Gentle Giant.

The Other Black Stuff – David Walsh’s Blog, Cupping Extraordinaire and top chap, also not afraid to say what he doesn’t like.

Chemically Imbalanced – US Blog with a wide-ranging gamut of coffee, from SERBC to local barista jams and much more.


Too Much Coffee – The European Coffee Resource; Friendly forums with plenty of discussion and a great atmosphere.

Coffeegeek – Possibly on the biggest coffee communities on the internet; Lots of information and lots of discussion about all factors of coffee.

Coffee Forums UK – Incredibly friendly small forum group of largely home baristas.

Where I drink Coffee from…

Hasbean – Huge selection of single origins/estates, blends and great subscription packs

In My Mug – Part of HasBean, every week  you get a bag of coffee through your door and then Steve will drink it with you (via. a video)

Square Mile Coffee – Small selection of completely amazing coffees, now and then stocking Cascara (Dried coffee fruit to make into an infusion)

More links as and when…


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