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Video Post: Aeropress

21 Apr

Below is my coffee brewing guide as we make it in Gyre & Gimble.

New Method 2012:

Dose: 16g Coffee / 220ml Water
Brew Temp: 95c
Steep time: 2 minutes with a 30 second plunge
Grind: Fine-filter

Below is my original method which I now consider to be less-good.



Brew Ratio: 85g/Litre (I know this is very high, but my preferred coffees tend to work quite well with a high dose)
Dose: 17g/200ml
Brew Temp: 95°C
Steep Time: 2 Minutes
Grind: Courser than drip, finer than cafetiere but on the course side of things.

For a more traditional brewed ration 13g/200ml will give a brew of 65g/Litre ratio, my recipe accentuates the acidity in bright coffees and also gives a thicker mouthfeel. The great thing about the Aeropress is that it’s very forgiving. Play around and find your preference!
Final Edit:Make sure the mug you brew into is big enough for the brew. It’s such a shame to waste coffee..

This is a modified recipe from coffee collective..Their recipe calls for 16g/170ml (94g/litre) but personal preference finds me using this recipe.

Personally I find Pulped Naturals come out really well in the Aeropress, naturals come out big and punchy and washed are slightly syrupy but keep their cleanliness, but something about pulped works really well with the Aeropress.

Any critique on the methodology used is welcome.

p.s. Steve, I beat you!